Cropin launched Cropin Cloud to accelerate the digital transformation in the agritech industry.

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Agritech: Agriculture reaches for the sky to get its world’s first purpose-built industry cloud

  • Cropin Cloud seeks to enhance the ways in which technology can address important global issues like food security, climate-resilient agriculture, and minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture
  • Cropin Cloud combines worldwide field-tested technology and intelligent solutions to help agribusinesses in managing risk and finding solutions for predictable growth

Most developing economies rely heavily on agriculture to fuel their economic growth. It provides food security, reduces poverty, and a sizable share of work is produced. Food supply lines have been disrupted worldwide since the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared, serving as a reminder that food security should not be taken for granted. This is why agriculture technology, or agritech, is now more significant than ever in agriculture.

Modern technology is used in this expanding field to boost sustainability in the agri-food value chain, enhance food quality, and raise crop yield.

As consumers and businesses in the region quickly transition to the internet world, agriculture is a particularly significant sector in Southeast Asian economies and is set to become a vital market for agritech investment. krASIA cited a report from AGFunder that agrifood tech companies raised US$51.7 billion globally in 2021, over twice as much as they did in 2020 (US$27.8 billion).

As agritech addresses issues with agriculture and food production, it is shedding light on the food supply chain. And now, the sector is about to accelerate even further. Cropin, a leader in agritech, recently announced the introduction of Cropin Cloud, the first industry cloud ever created just for the agricultural sector.

Cropin Cloud is a multi-tenant, secure, scalable, flexible, and intelligent cloud platform enabling agribusinesses, development organizations, governments, and related industries that can accelerate digital transformation along their whole business value chain. Cropin Cloud is an integrated platform of digitizing apps, clean and contextual data pipelines for improved data-driven decision-making, and internationally validated crop-specific, crop- and geography-agnostic machine learning models.

It aspires to advance the adoption of technology to address real-world agricultural issues and provide benefits to all participants in the food value chain, from farmers and agribusinesses to consumers.

How does Cropin modernize the agritech industry?

According to Krishna Kumar, the founder and CEO of Cropin, the current status of the global agriculture ecosystem is being significantly disrupted by issues with the food supply chain, geopolitical tensions, climate change, and population growth. A technological platform that enables the ecosystem’s participants to modify their business processes is necessary for addressing these difficulties.

“Cropin Cloud leverages the advancements in cloud computing, earth observation, remote sensing, data and machine learning algorithms to help the agriculture sector unlock new possibilities. For Cropin, this is an important milestone as we double down on our core purpose to maximize per acre value for every stakeholder in the global agriculture ecosystem,” he added.

Agri-ecosystem challenges like traceability, unpredictable yields, supply chain disruptions, and other issues can all be solved with the help of Cropin Cloud. It provides a scalable agri-stack made up of Cropin Apps, Cropin Data Hub, and Cropin Intelligence, a powerful trio of functionalities and platform layers:

Cropin Apps – Enable large-scale digital transformation in agricultural and related businesses, such as forestry, commodities, banking, and insurance. A variety of use cases are made possible by them, including management of global farming operations, food safety regulations, supply chain visibility, predictability, and risk management, farm-to-fork traceability, farmer engagement, advanced seed R&D, trialling, and production management, as well as multigenerational seed traceability.

Cropin Data Hub – The Data Hub enables interaction with many agri-data sources, including on-field farm management apps, IoT devices, drones, mechanization data from farming resources, remote sensing satellite data, and weather data, in order to deliver the power of unified data. Agribusinesses can now obtain contextualized and structured data from numerous sources for large-scale correlation and analysis.

Cropin Intelligence – The 22 contextual deep-learning and AI models developed by Cropin as part of the Intelligence platform will provide agribusinesses with intelligence regarding, among other things, crop detection, crop stage identification, yield estimation, irrigation scheduling, pest and disease prediction, nitrogen uptake, water stress detection, harvest date estimation, and change detection.

With the creation of the first industry cloud for the industry, Cropin hopes to usher in the next wave of innovations in digital transformation across the agriculture ecosystem.