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Post-purchase experience platforms increasingly in demand in Southeast Asia

The post-purchase experience today is considered just as important as the pre-purchase and purchase experience. In fact, the whole customer experience from pre to post-purchase needs to be seamless to ensure customer satisfaction.

While most businesses continue to invest heavily in improving the pre-purchase experience, many normally feel the experience ends when the purchase is complete. However, what they don’t realize is the post-purchase experience will often determine whether or not a customer decides to return to the same business or go to a computer.

As such, Unicommerce, an integrated SaaS platform for post-purchase experience management, has been experiencing rapid growth across Southeast Asia. The platform currently processes over 2.5 million annual transactions and is hoping to double transaction volumes to reach 5 million by December 2022.

The cloud-based e-commerce solution has already signed up over 30 clients in the Southeast Asian region in its first year of operations. Apart from Southeast Asia, the post-purchase management platform also processes over 500 million annual transactions in India and works with leading brands in the subcontinent as well as in Middle East Asia.

For Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, businesses in Southeast Asia are focused on building a strong digital presence and looking for technology solutions. He pointed out that Unicommerce’s platform enables them to enhance the post-purchase experience and achieve operational excellence.

post-purchase experience

“Unicommerce’s robust and easy-to-integrate SaaS platform is well-suited to meet client needs which is reflected in our rapid growth. We are delighted to partner with many leading brands and look forward to expanding our presence across Southeast Asia,” commented Makhija.

In Southeast Asia, the company has already established its local presence with a sales and customer service team in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and is also planning to establish a local entity in the coming months.

Part of its expansion plans in the region comes as e-commerce volumes spike and companies seek an integrated platform to handle the entire post-purchase transaction flow. Being a sector- and size-agnostic platform, Unicommerce solutions have been successfully deployed by a range of retail brands looking to build a robust online presence and re-engineer their operations and processes to achieve maximum consumer connection.

Some of the leading brands that Unicommerce works with within the SEA region are Edamama, Locad PayO Asia, Amilo, Business Engineers, and Luxurious Craving, among others. The company’s clients in SEA include fashion brands, beauty, and personal care brands, fulfillment providers, and logistic service providers. The SaaS platform is also one of the finest omnichannel platforms that power 2,000+ stores and 7,000+ warehouses across India.

Unicommerce’s SaaS platform enables brands to streamline the supply chain with an integrated SaaS solution for inventory, order, and warehouse management. The unique platform for post-purchase experience management helps brands and marketplaces manage operations across multiple online sales channels and physical distribution points while maintaining a smooth inventory flow to meet user expectations. The company also enables marketplaces to streamline processes with its multi-vendor management solution.

Edamama, one of the leading brands in the Philippines, has deployed Unicommerce’s Dropship Fulfillment, Vendor Management solution, and Personalized E-commerce solutions to manage different vendors and offer personalized shopping experiences to consumers. The automation by Unicommerce has enabled the company to manage operations across 400+ registered vendors and 1,000+ brands, while seamlessly maintaining 30K+ live catalog counts and allowing the brand to dispatch tens of thousands of items per month with a 99.99% fulfillment rate.