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Maxis builds its 5G alliance despite declining DNB stake

5G in Malaysia is a bit like a roller coaster ride. It speeds up and then slows down and speeds up again. Some may choose to take multiple rides while some will leave after just one ride. Some may even choose not to take the ride because they are just too afraid or probably feel the ride isn’t exciting enough.

And that is exactly what 5G in Malaysia is looking like right now. Since the original plans for the network were made some years ago, a lot has happened. And now with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) firmly in place, deploying the network across the country, the telcos are still discussing the best outcome.

There is no doubt that the winner currently for 5G deployment in Malaysia is YES. They just expanded their services to Penang and have been following closely with DNB’s deployment around the country as well.

Two weeks ago, it was reported that all the remaining telcos had finally come to a consensus on the network. But even then, at the eleventh hour, two telcos, U Mobile and Maxis changed their mind.

While U Mobile has since explained why it decided not to take up DNB’s offer and how it plans to offer 5G to its customers, Maxis has remained silent, often only providing scripted replies when asked about their 5G deployment plans.

Can the Maxis 5G Alliance make a difference?

In June 2022, Maxis launched its 5G Alliance. Since then, the Maxis 5G alliance has continued to gain momentum. It has now added seven new partners that include Gamuda Land, Garuda Robotics, ITXOTIC, LinkUp Smart Solutions, NOKIA, NVIDIA, and ZTE, bringing the total to 23 members.

The Maxis 5G Alliance focuses on initiatives to create and commercialize 5G use cases and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions across industries in Malaysia and Asia-Pacific.

For example, Maxis together with Alliance partner OMRON, are showcasing Autonomous Mobile Robots powered by Maxis’ next-generation network, enabling a plant to run 24/7 with zero downtime, reduce operational costs and improve safety and productivity for manufacturers.

In another initiative, Maxis, Huawei, and MIMOS are fast-tracking industrial use cases enabled by 5G, IoT, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the 5G and AI Innovation Hub at the MIMOS campus. The hub serves as a co-creation testbed for research and development and an incubator for innovative solutions, which will enable businesses to access infrastructure and facilities powered by advanced technologies.

Gokhan Ogut, Chief Executive Officer, Maxis commented that the 5G Alliance community is expected to continue growing as it is intended to be an open collaboration across all organizations to fast-track the adoption and deployment of innovation.  He added that members will benefit from this ecosystem where their collaboration and initiatives can foster innovation and truly unlock the value of IR4.0 across economic sectors.

So here’s the thing. Maxis may not be taking up DNB’s offers but it seems the telco has got a pretty solid plan in place for its 5G deployment in Malaysia, especially for enterprise use cases. The only question everyone asking now is, when will Maxis actually start deploying 5G?