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VMware and public cloud providers ease multi-cloud complexities

At VMware Explore 2022, VMware announced several partnerships with major tech companies to boost their capabilities for their customers. These innovations are expected to bring more value for companies as VMware hopes to simplify the processes that have been challenging most businesses, especially in their cloud journey.

VMware currently works with all the global major cloud providers. This includes AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and even Alibaba Cloud. The cloud migration journey can indeed be a rather complicated one and businesses are looking to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

With the multi-cloud seemingly the preferred cloud strategy, one of the biggest challenges is having a seamless integration process, be it for workloads or data between the various cloud providers and even with on-premise infrastructure.

In fact, during his keynote address, Raghu Raghuram, CEO of VMware stated that the ultimate destination for customers today is a multi-cloud environment that empowers teams to accelerate their digital transformation. And this should not matter if they are cloud-native or even an established enterprise.

This is where VMware’s Cloud Smart initiative comes in. As highlighted by Raghuram in his keynote address, being cloud smart is what businesses are hoping to achieve as they look to make the most of their data and workloads in the multi-cloud and even on the edge.

The new cloud and edge infrastructure solutions will help businesses accelerate their enterprise cloud transformation and enable them to better run, scale, and secure enterprise workloads.

VMware and its public cloud partners also continue to help customers migrate and run those workloads in the public cloud of their choice. Additionally, VMware unveiled networking and security innovations to help customers further embrace the cloud operating model.

As such, here are some of the major partnership announcements made at VMware Explore 2022.

AWS – to achieve faster cloud migration and lower cost, VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center software to AWS bare metal infrastructure to run enterprise workloads more securely at scale, across both virtual machines and containers. The service features built-in Kubernetes and optimized access to 200+ native AWS services including data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver a pragmatic approach to app modernization. Also, Built-in VMware NSX security capabilities help stop advanced, persistent threats that can move laterally within and across cloud and data center environments.

Microsoft Azure – With Azure VMware Solution, enterprises benefit from the scale, performance, and innovation of Azure and the enterprise capabilities of VMware Cloud to run VMware vSphere workloads in the cloud. Azure VMware Solution enables businesses to achieve higher availability and better security with a VMware Cloud environment built on industry-leading vSphere, vSAN, and NSX capabilities running natively on dedicated Azure infrastructure.

NetApp – NetApp and VMware are currently innovating together across the world’s three largest public cloud providers to certify and support VMware Cloud and NetApp Cloud Services. This helps customers running on VMware utilizing either NetApp or non-NetApp storage environments on-premises to seamlessly migrate, extend or protect data-demanding enterprise workloads and files to the cloud with reduced cost and risk. For Kubernetes workloads, NetApp is a design partner with VMware Tanzu container-native storage integrating Astra Control with VMware Tanzu for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) deployments. For data management, NetApp is a VMware co-design partner with vSphere and vVols for new and expanded support of key technologies from NetApp file and block storage platforms.

IBM – As part of the expanded partnership, IBM Consulting is now a GSI Partner for VMware to help clients accelerate their business transformation and hybrid cloud journeys. IBM Consulting will provide services to migrate, modernize and manage clients’ most important workloads across any hybrid, multi-cloud environment in an open, more secure way. This is critical for clients who are running applications across more than one cloud and are looking for the deep skills and expertise required to help with the security, management, and reliability needed in these environments. At the same time, IBM and VMware are also collaborating to enable IBM Cloud Satellite for VMware.

Dell Technologies – Dell is adding several offers to its APEX portfolio for VMware workloads that help speed the development of cloud-native apps and better allocate compute and storage resources for applications at the edge. APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud adds managed VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid services, which allows IT teams to help developers move faster by using a container-based approach to application development. With Dell-managed Tanzu services, customers can provision Kubernetes clusters through the vSphere user interface. Organizations also will be able to help speed development efforts by building, testing, and running cloud-native applications alongside traditional applications on the same platform.

NTT – VMware’s secure application development, resource management automation, and real-time processing capabilities combined with NTT’s multi-cloud and edge platforms, create a fully integrated Edge+Private 5G managed service. VMware and NTT’s innovative offering resides closer to where the data is generated or collected, enabling enterprises to access and react to information instantaneously. This solution, which leverages seamless multi-cloud and multi-tenant connectivity, combined with NTT’s capabilities in network segmentation, and expertise with movement from private to public 5G, provides critical benefits for multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, and entertainment.