Google Cloud sets up innovation that’s made for tomorrow, today

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Google Cloud sets up innovations that’s made for tomorrow, today

  • Google Cloud shared its vision for the future of computing at Next ‘22
  • The latest developments in Google Cloud are divided into four main categories: data cloud, open infrastructure cloud, collaborative cloud, and trusted cloud

The rapid advancement of technology has changed how people communicate with one another, with businesses, and how they operate on a daily business. Whether you like it or not, technology is advancing quickly, bringing new discoveries and ground-breaking ideas every year – sometimes even within months. Some of the brightest minds working today are developing the next piece of technology that will fundamentally alter how people live. Want to hear a spoiler? Google is working on innovations that will benefit everyone.

At Next ’22, Google Cloud shared its vision for the future of computing and unveiled new innovations aimed at assisting people within organizations – data decision-makers, developers and builders, IT teams, cybersecurity experts, and all employees – in achieving transformation that is real, significant, and long-lasting.

According to Ruma Balasubramanian, Managing Director for Google Cloud in Southeast Asia, the vast, open and connected ecosystems are now crucial for companies trying to use data and AI to better serve today’s digital-first customers.

“At Next ‘22, we’re proud to celebrate the achievements of our customers and partners who have been establishing themselves at the forefront of digital transformation, while unveiling new cloud innovations that will enable them to move even quicker and capture growth opportunities in Southeast Asia’s current digital decade,” she added.

She also spoke about how advancements the company is introducing are strengthening three distinct advantages that make Google Cloud a crucial transformation partner. To start, they pool resources from across Google to provide unique cloud technologies that are affordable, simple to use, and supported by Google’s size and wealth of experience in consumer goods and ecosystems.

“Second, we provide secure and sustainable infrastructure that delivers high levels of performance and availability; and third, with some of the industry’s most powerful data, AI, and collaboration offerings, we enable teams to connect from anywhere, develop applications faster, and make smarter business decisions,” added Balasubramanian.

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Google extending new innovations for customers and partners

The most recent developments in Google Cloud’s four core differentiating categories—data cloud, open infrastructure cloud, collaborative cloud, and trustworthy cloud—cover all four of these areas, according to Ruma.

Open data cloud: Google Cloud has made significant announcements to offer the most open, extensible, and powerful data cloud, ensuring that clients may utilize all of their data from all sources, in all storage formats and analysis styles, and across all cloud providers and platforms of choice. These include Looker Studio and Looker Studio Pro, Vertex AI Vision, Translation Hub, and many more.

Scalable, secure, and open infrastructure: Google Cloud has unveiled several infrastructures and migration updates that make running in the cloud simpler than ever, no matter where customers are in the adoption process. These updates are intended to assist IT teams in laying the best foundation for transformation. Such instances include powering the future of the Web3 ecosystem, increasing open-source AI commitments, and workload-optimized infrastructure.

An integrated hub for collaboration: Organizations that embrace hybrid work are faced with two major challenges: first, bridging the gaps between office-based and remote workers, which makes it more difficult to complete tasks; and second, how to ensure that people and data are secure regardless of location or device.

Advanced security tools: To assist organizations in addressing their most pressing security concerns, from hybrid work to endpoint security to data residency, Google Cloud is developing the most open and extensible trusted cloud offering. These include Software Delivery Shield, Chronicle Security Operations, and new and extended relationships with industry titans in the security ecosystem.

Scaling the Industry’s Cleanest Cloud: A more sustainable future is essential to assisting businesses in making long-lasting change. Google Cloud is dedicated to helping clients do this through eco-friendly goods and services. Customers who use Google Cloud, “the cleanest cloud in the market”, see an immediate improvement in their sustainability profiles.

With numerous initiatives, including Google Cloud Carbon Footprint, which is now generally available and offered at no cost to all users in the cloud interface, Google Cloud is continuing to support businesses in achieving their sustainability goals and addressing climate change concerns.

Additionally, Google Cloud is continuously expanding its network of partners across sectors. More than 20 partners have attained this distinction since the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability announcement in June 2022.