Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data enters the metaverse to revolutionize users healthcare journey

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Zuellig Pharma enters the metaverse to revolutionize users healthcare journey

  • ZP Metaverse, a groundbreaking healthcare metaverse experience, has been released by Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data
  • ZP Metaverse creates a borderless healthcare world with improved capabilities, such as better data integration and interconnectivity

A lot has been written and said about the metaverse’s potential to transform work, gaming, social interaction, and commerce at the moment. However, there hasn’t been much discussion of how the metaverse might impact the healthcare industry, although this is another area where its effects might be profound.

Interestingly, the healthcare industry may soon be seeing a change in this. The metaverse is laying the groundwork for nearly every business thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented and virtual reality. The metaverse is still in the novelty stage, giving businesses a competitive advantage, boosting sales, and enhancing brand recognition.

The role of a metaverse in healthcare

Metaverse type applications are proving to be considerably handy in healthcare, though. Using VR in medical education, students can train in a simulated setting for immersive surgical training at a substantially cheaper cost.

Additionally, dissecting a virtual subject rather than a real human body saves money and allows students to work independently, in a safe environment for instruction. The virtual reality-based training sessions can improve surgical trainees’ technical proficiency, including accuracy and decision-making abilities.

According to Market Research Future’s August 2022 Healthcare in the Metaverse study, the healthcare metaverse market would increase by 48.3% CAGR and reach US$5.37 billion in value by 2030.

Some of the pharmaceutical titans are already steering the healthcare industry in the direction of the metaverse. In this case, Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data recently introduced ZP Metaverse, a groundbreaking healthcare metaverse experience that improves current telemedicine and pharmaceutical sales enablement experiences, by connecting its plant to patient digital twin and fusing B2B and B2C experiences together.

Future of pharma technology

The patient is at the center of pharmaceutical technology, and today’s dynamic industry climate has encouraged the merging of B2B and B2C experiences to increase value for the patient. From plant to patient, a connected and more accessible healthcare journey will be made possible by Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data’s award-winning, on-the-ground skills and innovative digital and data solutions.

With improved capabilities, such as higher interconnectivity and data integration across the healthcare value chain in a single environment, ZP Metaverse opens the way for a borderless healthcare universe by reimagining the B2B2C healthcare journey in Asia.

ZP Metaverse’s B2C environment was created in partnership with Agile software developer and digital transformation consultancy PALO IT. It was designed around three user experiences:

  • A doctor or other healthcare provider consulting with patients
  • A patient who is far away using healthcare services
  • An inventory count by a salesperson with sales data and e-detailing

Reconfiguring the collaborative structure of the healthcare value chain

The ability to receive real-time virtual consultation and diagnoses during an outpatient clinic visit in ZP Metaverse eliminates the need for patients to wait in line for hours or travel far distances just to receive a preliminary diagnosis. This is especially important for patients who are unable to leave their homes or who are based in remote locations.

There are plans to merge wearables data and data from an AI-enabled, chatbot-based symptom checker, allowing healthcare professionals to diagnose patients more accurately and quickly.

Zuellig Pharma’s Chief Digital & Data Officer, Daniel Laverick, noted that ZP Metaverse, which the pharma industry’s accelerated digitalization has driven, wants to improve current healthcare experiences beyond physical bounds and make them more convenient.

“The interconnectivity – from plant to patient in ZP Metaverse, brings forth the opportunity to collect richer real-time data across multiple workstreams. This is where the pharma industry, which has been traditionally manual and manpower-heavy, can now rethink the operating model for pharma and how healthcare processes can be made more effective and efficient,” said Laverick.

“Beyond bringing the digital and physical realms of healthcare closer together, what we are addressing with ZP Metaverse is the siloed nature of much of the existing healthcare system, in order to deliver more joined-up or collaborative outcomes for our users,” said Preetham Nadig, Head of Product and Engineering, Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data.

Furthermore, the company also revealed plans to take non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies as payment for consultations and prescriptions in the future.