Aditus looks to become the decentralized, blockchain-based platform for luxury brands looking to reach the crypto-affluent community. Source:

Aditus sets out to connect the crypto-affluent with luxury brands

ONE by-product of cryptocurrency being the fastest growing asset class is the emergence of the crypto-affluents.

With Bitcoin – the first and best-known cryptocurrency – increasing seven-fold in the last year, it is perhaps unsurprising that we are seeing a growing community of high net-worth individuals with significant cryptocurrency holdings.

According to Coinmarketcap, some alt-coins have even seen a growth of a few thousand percent over the last two years.

Aditus, the world’s first luxury access platform, was created to bridge a potentially missed trillon dollar opportunity between crypto-affluents and the luxury goods and services market.

After conversations with crypto-affluents at their luxury events, Julian Peh, co-founder of Aditus, told Luxuo: “In our conversations with them, we have received feedback that while many crypto-affluents desire goods and services offered by luxury merchants, they still lack access to it and often feel excluded.

“At the same time, luxury merchants (our long-time partners and clients) similarly have limited means of reaching out to crypto-affluents, despite going through a period of slowing growth and are eager for new business.”

Aditus – the Latin word for “access”– was designed as a solution to the following market gaps:

  • Very few luxury merchants accept cryptocurrencies, while crypto-affluents prefer to make payments in crypto-currencies out of convenience.
  • Crypto-affluents prefer higher than average privacy, while luxury merchants require more data for better market targeting.
  • The luxury goods and services industry at present lacks the knowledge to reach out to and make exclusive offers to crypto-affluents.

Aditus looks to become the decentralized, blockchain-based platform for luxury brands looking to reach the crypto-affluent community.

Using Ethereum’s smart contract technology, a decentralized smart phone app, encryption protocols and payment gateways, users are invited into a world of luxury lifestyle, products and services in a discreet manner.

With the Aditus network, merchants can carry out target marketing on a completely new customer segment through the decentralized matching of users’ encrypted personal data. This data never leaves the Aditus app without expressed consent, ensuring optimum customer privacy.

Users will also have access to “smart invitations” from luxury merchants that match up to their user preferences, giving them an access to a lifestyle that was previously inaccessible.

The “Aditus Wallet” facilitates multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Aditus tokens, enabling crypto-affluents to make payments in their currency of choice, as well as merchants being able to receive payments in their preferred currency.

Aditus also offers users a VIP membership program, offering exclusive rewards, privileges and services. Aditus users are given the opportunity to attend exclusive events organised by the company, where users can vote on the program line-up using Aditus tokens, creating an engaged community.

The Aditus initial token sale will be launching at the end of this month, with the token serving as:

  • Membership proof to access the decentralized platform
  • Rewards currency within the Aditus platform
  • Possible transaction currency with luxury merchants on the network
  • Voting currency within the Aditus platform