Okta prioritizes customer experience without compromising security with new innovations

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon introducing the Okta Customer Identity Cloud at Oktane22. (Source – Okta)

Prioritizing customer experience without compromising security

  • Auth0’s consumer identity solution for modern app developers enhances customer experience while lowering security risk
  • Okta’s new developments assist businesses in balancing security, privacy, and user experience for their customers

Digital engagement impacts how users and consumers connect with their services, which starts with customer identity. The customer experience encompasses far more than just how users log in and access services. We have seen how digital initiatives have grown since COVID hit us; for many firms, digital channels have replaced other customer engagement methods.

In the rush of things, new challenges and effects occurred to implement digital transformation initiatives, and 61% of data breaches involve credentials, underscoring the necessity of protecting sensitive data and spotting when attackers exploit compromised credentials.

Today’s businesses must make it possible for their customers to use their apps or services securely and safely whenever they want, from any device. Companies must simultaneously make sure that these interactions are seamless and consistent across the entire spectrum of digital platforms.

Okta’s solution to improve customer experience

In order to help enterprises in balancing security, privacy, and user experience for their customers, Okta has released the Okta Customer Identity Cloud, an easy-to-implement and flexible customer identity solution.

It is possible to accelerate growth with a better user experience, decreased risk, and increased developer productivity thanks to two differentiated use cases for Consumer Apps and SaaS Apps, as well as several product innovations for modern app builders. As Auth0 technology, Okta Customer Identity Cloud upholds the company’s commitment to enabling everyone to access any technology safely so users can concentrate on innovation.

Digital business is now just business, ten years after tech investor Marc Andreesen claimed that “software is eating the globe.” The Covid-19 pandemic only intensified this trend, compelling businesses across all sectors to transfer their apps to the cloud and offer services online. Today, 230 billion new applications have been downloaded, and the average business uses 89 apps, with larger businesses using as many as 187.

The next significant challenge is making it easier for developers to integrate new technologies while enabling people to switch between them safely and with fewer passwords. An easy-to-implement customer identity solution that can be expanded for any digital experience serves as the foundation for everything mentioned above.

Every digital experience—whether you’re in the public sector or selling pizza—begins with the customer’s identification, according to Eugenio Pace, President of Customer Identity at Okta. He noted how conventional belief tells us you can design an extremely secure but challenging application. Alternatively, you may make it incredibly convenient at the expense of privacy or security.

“This is a false choice,” said Pace. “Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0, makes it possible to improve the overall experience and keep customers secure at the same time, all while enabling app builders to focus on what is most important–innovating for their customers.”

It starts with customer identity

The Okta Customer Identity Cloud for Consumer Apps helps organizations streamline sign-up and login processes across any device, stack, or platform for improved user experiences, higher customer acquisition, and user retention. By the end of Q2 2023, Consumer Apps will include new capabilities like:

  • Support for Passkeys: Passkeys are a password substitute that enables users to sign into apps and websites more quickly and easily on any device.
  • Highly Regulated Identity: This brand-new toolkit allows users to protect risky transactions with increased security and policy control.
  • Security Center: Security Center uses Okta’s enormous threat insights from billions of authentications to build a single pane of glass for security teams to watch in real-time, detect, and react to any suspicious activity.

Business customer experience, simplified

Without taking development time away from their core product, the Okta Customer Identity Cloud for SaaS Apps enables businesses to become enterprise-ready, onboard new users, and manage authentication across business customers. For SaaS Apps, there are improvements made where Okta Workforce Enterprise Connection enables SaaS app developers to provide out-of-the-box interfaces to Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, giving end users a reliable and seamless login experience.

Not only that but organizations also enable SaaS firms to manage and model identities for business clients as organizations and define unique, organization-based branding and policies.