Want a Cadillac? Experience it using live video thanks to CMO Grady's latest bet. Source: Shutterstock

Want a Cadillac? Experience it using live video thanks to CMO Grady’s latest bet. Source: Shutterstock

Cadillac CMO bets on live video service to boost in-store car sales

LIVE VIDEO is exciting, engaging, and in the case of car dealerships, can be very enticing. At least that is what Cadillac is betting on.

The US-based automaker is launching a new live video service (Cadillac Live) that will enable customers to have one-on-one video chats with sales agents in an online showroom to “experience” a Cadillac vehicle of their choice.

Customers in California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas can book a test-drive at their local dealership from the online showroom itself, while those in other states will receive an email to help them find a suitable dealership nearby.

Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady told AdAge that the project aims to find new ways to reach customers, and engage with them in a way that gets qualified leads that convert into sales at physical dealerships.

“How do customers want to shop for a car? We want to give a customer enough information on the vehicle that they want to go in and test-drive it. [Cadillac Live] is the whole experience they would have [at a dealership] besides getting behind the wheel.”

Currently, the online showroom will allow customers o choose from 10 vehicles in Cadillac’s 2019 lineup as well as the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 launching in 2020.

Although shoppers will be able to see the agents demonstrating the vehicle and its features and capabilities, agents will only be able to hear the customer.

Agents will be equipped with an iPhone X, an Osmo mobile gimbal, and a Bluetooth headset and have props such as golf bags and strollers at their disposal to ensure they can give customers a good feel of the vehicle during the live video session.

The project is currently in its pilot phase, involves 160 of the 900 dealerships nationwide, and will run till the second quarter of next year.

Cadillac will closely monitor how many people use the live video service, book a test-drive, and make a purchase. The CMO said that the company will also survey people about the experience.

The project is a bet that might pay off really well, given that it is perfectly tuned to the needs, tastes, and preferences of customers in today’s luxury auto market.