Can technology and innovation help DHL grow quickly? Source: Shutterstock

Can technology and innovation help DHL grow quickly? Source: Shutterstock

DHL’s leaders are betting big on technology, innovation, people, and CX

LOGISTICS and supply chain — as an industry — has already been disrupted by technology.

Small- and mid-sized businesses, as well as large organizations, are looking to use technology to make real-time traceability and transparency a reality.

As a result, companies in the logistics and supply chain space, especially global leaders such as DHL, are aggressively investing in innovative solutions to delight customers.

A DHL business unit, DHL Supply Chain, recently shared its ‘Strategy 2025‘ with the media and explained that the organization is focused on leveraging technology, innovating effectively, developing talent, and delighting customers.

Another DHL business unit, DHL Express, made similar claims as well. “[…] we invest more than a billion Euros (US$1.1 billion) each year in employee training, infrastructure, and digitalization,” said DHL Express CEO John Pearson.

Overall, the reality is that businesses in the logistics space need to get creative, think outside the box, and leverage technology to make life simple for customers and delight them in new and exciting ways.

DHL understands that its pursuit of digital involves strategizing to overcome the labor shortage and attract new talent, while at the same time preparing, training, and certifying existing employees for the changes digitalization will bring.

“Our people and the way we train and manage them are a competitive advantage for us,” DHL Supply Chain CEO Oscar de Bok said.

On the execution side, DHL believes that standardization and constantly improved processes will lead to more profitable growth, while customer experience, especially the digital customer journey, is becoming more important than ever. Leading innovations and digitalization, therefore, are the connecting element above all.

“What sets us apart is our drive to track down innovation and bring the results quickly and comprehensively into operation. Attracting new talents is a crucial step towards adapting to the digitalization of the logistics industry,” said DHL Supply China CIO and COO Markus Voss.

“Equally important is committing to data-backed, agile collaboration and balancing customers’ demand for fast and transparent services with businesses’ need to reduce costs. With Strategy 2025 we aim for putting our people and customers first and maximizing the pace of product roll-outs to take these opportunities head-on.”

Although DHL’s strategy is just being put together more clearly, the company has, for many years now, worked on developing its innovation capabilities.

DHL recently said it completed the upgrade of its air hub at Cologne-Bonn Airport with a 15,000 sq.m sorting center, a 12,000 sq.m warehouse, and 3,000 sq.m office space. The facility uses several new technologies that allow the company to process up to 20,000 shipments per hour on its 2.5-kilometer-long conveyor belt.