Inside the world of esports tournaments a journey through record prize pools.

Inside the world of esports tournaments a journey through record prize pools. (Image generated with AI).

Esports tournaments break records: a new era of prize pools and opportunities

  • Record prize pools in esports tournaments highlight a profitable career path in gaming.
  • Dota 2 leads as the top-paying game with over US$270 million in winnings from 59 tournaments, 65% above the next game.
  • Fortnite and PUBG rank second and third in esports earnings, trailing behind Dota 2.

The esports industry is soaring, capturing widespread attention as more individuals consider gaming as a viable career option, largely due to the significant rewards on offer.

Recent research has identified the most lucrative esports games, with Dota 2 leading in terms of tournament payouts.

This study, conducted by CSGO gambling site CSGOLuck, analyzed the top 500 esports tournaments with the biggest prize pools. The data was grouped by game, totaling the winnings from all tournaments, and the average potential earnings were calculated by dividing this sum by the number of tournaments.

Analyzing esports tournament winnings: from Dota 2 to CrossFire

Dota 2 has emerged as the top earner in these tournaments, boasting a total prize pool of approximately US$273,424,334. The game has hosted 59 events with over 3,790 participants. The average prize for Dota 2 tournaments stands at around US$4,634,310, the highest in the world. Additionally, it’s one of the most popular games globally, with about 435,000 monthly players as of December 2023.

Fortnite ranks second, awarding US$95,364,800 in total winnings. Since its 2017 release, the game has seen 63 tournaments and over 6,800 players. Fortnite tournaments offer an average of US$1,513,726, more than 65% less than Dota 2‘s average.

PUBG Battlegrounds holds the third spot, with an average winning of US$2,033,634 across 40 tournaments and a total prize pool of US$81,345,392.

In fourth place is Arena of Valor, distributing US$71,999,058 in total, with an average top prize of US$2,249,970.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has given away US$60,771,952 across 70 tournaments, the highest number of any game. The average top prize is US$868,170.

League of Legends, a game with over 140 million monthly players, ranks sixth. Its average tournament winnings are around US$1,525,444, with a total prize pool of US$53,390,571.

Call of Duty, a veteran in the esports realm, has awarded over US$39,954,000 across 36 tournaments, making it the seventh-highest-paying game. The game’s Modern Warfare III re-release was the second-best-selling game of 2023.

Overwatch, with US$21,360,000 in total payouts, claims the eighth spot. Since its 2016 launch, the game has attracted over 20 million monthly players and hosted 13 tournaments.

Rainbow Six Siege is the ninth highest-paying game, with 11 tournaments totaling US$20,461,709 in prizes, averaging US$1,860,155 per tournament.

Lastly, CrossFire is tenth, with US$12,337,483 distributed across 17 tournaments. This game is particularly popular in Asia and offers an average prize pool of US$725,734.

The top ten games with the highest total prize pools are as follows:

Top ten games with the highest total prize pools - esports tournaments.

Top ten games with the highest total prize pools.

The global impact of esports tournaments

A spokesperson from CSGOLuck commented on esports’ growing popularity, attributing it to a perfect mix of strategy, skill, and entertainment. They said that esports attracts a global audience through accessible online platforms and high-stakes competitions. The integration of technology and competitive gaming has propelled players to celebrity status and drawn massive viewership.

The spokesperson added that esports events have become cultural phenomena, thanks to sponsorships, substantial prize pools, and mainstream acceptance, reflecting the changing landscape of digital gaming media and consumption in this century.

It’s important to note the rise in mobile esports, driven by the increasing accessibility and power of smartphones. This sector has grown significantly, with tournaments offering million-dollar prize pools and attracting substantial viewership numbers. The past few years have marked mobile esports as an industry to watch.

Mobile esports: the rising star of tournament gaming

As 2024 progresses, there’s much anticipation for the mobile esports scene. Despite the general esports winter, mobile esports has remained popular, especially in developing regions less affected by the current macroeconomic climate.

2024 is set to be a pivotal year for mobile esports, partly due to the establishment of the Esports World Cup as a critical event. This development, reported by Esports Insider, signifies a significant shift in the industry.

Replacing Gamers8, the Esports World Cup will feature a range of esports titles across PC, console, and mobile, making it a significant event for mobile esports. Many major mobile esports titles are expected to participate in the World Cup.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has already confirmed its Mid Season Cup at the event, with hints that PUBG Mobile and Free Fire might also participate. PUBG Mobile‘s mid-season tournament is set to take place in Saudi Arabia, and Free Fire‘s roadmap suggests its involvement in a global esports tournament in July, likely the Esports World Cup.

Thus, 2024 is a crucial year for establishing the Esports World Cup as a major recurring event in mobile esports. With its existing experience and infrastructure from hosting Gamers8 in the past years, Riyadh is set to host an even bigger Esports World Cup.

This anticipated event is expected to significantly impact the mobile esports landscape, highlighting the sector’s growth and potential. With various titles across multiple platforms participating, the Esports World Cup is poised to become a landmark event in the esports calendar, particularly for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Overall, the evolution of esports, especially in the mobile domain, reflects a dynamic shift in the gaming industry. It underscores the growing significance of mobile platforms in the competitive gaming space and the expanding opportunities for players and viewers alike. 2024 promises to be a transformative period for mobile esports, with the Esports World Cup leading the charge in elevating the status and reach of these competitions on a global scale.