Big automakers turn to NVIDIA to bring AAA games to their vehicles

Mercedes-Benz assembles next-gen factories with NVIDIA Omniverse. Photo courtesy of NVIDIA.

CES 2023: Big automakers turn to NVIDIA to bring AAA games to their vehicles

  • NVIDIA revealed that cars will soon support GeForce NOW cloud gaming service.
  • Hyundai Motor Group, BYD, and Polestar are the first automakers to offer NVIDIA cloud gaming services.

The emergence of bringing AAA games to vehicles is an exciting development in the gaming industry. Given the rising popularity of electric vehicles, it was just a matter of time before the two industries converged.

One of the key advantages of bringing AAA games to cars is the ability to play games while on the go. Players are no longer restricted to playing on their home consoles or computers; they can now take their favorite games with them while travelling great distances or to work.

The hype around gaming in cars isn’t something new, of course. The BMW Group and AirConsole only recently announced a collaboration to include casual gaming inside new BMW vehicles sometime this year. However, it is gaining much traction now as other big automakers are fully embracing gaming to join the revolution.

NVIDIA makes it possible to stream games in vehicles.

At CES, NVIDIA is announcing that GeForce NOW, their ground-breaking streaming service, is revolutionizing how consumers play video games and will soon be available in cars.

Powered by gaming supercomputers in the cloud, GeForce NOW connects to the largest game retailers in the world, enabling players to stream across any device—including internet-enabled cars—without needing additional equipment.

What does this mean?

People can stream and play games while charging their car, entertain their kids in the backseat, or wait to pick up a family member. With more than a thousand games available for playing in cars, passengers can enjoy popular game franchises with millions of other PC gamers online. The games include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077 and many more.

With this announcement, NVIDIA is extending its selection of products and services for in-car entertainment, which includes several enhancements to the cockpit experience. Combining NVIDIA’s history in gaming and infotainment, GeForce NOW can transmit a real-time, complete PC gaming experience to software-defined cars.

Many partners are incorporating GeForce NOW into their vehicles. BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), Hyundai Motor Group, one of the world’s largest automakers with the Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands, and Swedish premium electric vehicle and lifestyle brand Polestar are all collaborating with NVIDIA to make it possible to play the vast library of games while driving.

“The ability to stream these popular titles from gamers’ libraries, along with dozens of free games, will bring the in-vehicle infotainment experience to new heights. These are the first automakers to offer NVIDIA cloud gaming in their cars. With accelerated computing, AI and cloud streaming, we’re delivering new levels of vehicle automation, safety, convenience, and enjoyment to the car,” said Danny Shapiro, VP Automotive, NVIDIA.

Modernizing vehicles factories with NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has demonstrated how their DRIVE Sim platform enables them to develop digital twins of roads, intersections, and highways in addition to a wide range of scenarios to guarantee that the AI car can safely travel through complex environments.

Big automakers turn to NVIDIA to bring AAA games to their vehicles

NVIDIA DRIVE IX and DRIVE Sim now enable end-to-end digital twins and workflows, from vehicle design to retail. Photo courtesy of NVIDIA.

Shapiro shared that Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with NVIDIA to develop its next generation of software-defined vehicles. Its upcoming fleets will be built using Omniverse-based NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, a centralized compute platform with intelligent driving capabilities that has been tested and certified.

“We’re announcing at CES that Mercedes Benz is using this digital twin technology to build more efficient production facilities. Using Omniverse, Mercedes Benz can plan and create a manufacturing system as intelligent as its vehicles,” he added.

Mercedes-Benz is using Omniverse to maximize new production and assembly facilities. An assembly line for a new model can be reconfigured in simulation using digital twins created in Omniverse without halting ongoing production.

Using NVIDIA AI and Omniverse, Mercedes-Benz is creating intelligent, sustainable factories that increase productivity, cut waste, and continuously improve vehicle quality.

Is this available worldwide?

GeForce is an existing service that is available in many markets all around the world. There are geographically dispersed cloud gaming servers for the greatest experience.

Big automakers turn to NVIDIA to bring AAA games to their vehicles

NVIDIA’s high-performance GeForce NOW™ cloud gaming service will be coming to cars. Photo courtesy of NVIDIA.

“NVIDIA maintains quite a number of these in North America and Europe, and we have partners that also have gaming servers for GFN in other areas of Asia Pacific (APAC),” said Shapiro. “It’s not every single country in the world, but it’s most major metropolitan areas, and it continues to grow. Anybody with a GeForce NOW account will be able to stream games to all their devices – whether it’s phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, or now cars, that are from these manufacturers that we’ve listed with more to follow.”