Retailers on the e-commerce platform will benefit the most from the increase in traffic and engagement levels. Source: Shutterstock

Retailers on the e-commerce platform will benefit the most from the increase in traffic and engagement levels. Source: Shutterstock

Lazada deploys shoppertainment to turbocharge CX

MARKETPLACES are more competitive than ever before and that makes consumers spoilt for choice.

With the foray of stimuli and shrinking attention span, e-commerce platforms are reaching beyond to create engaging customer experiences (CX). At the end of the day, delivering a memorable experience for consumers can go a long way.

Shoppertainment is the latest flex by e-commerce platforms to hook the attention of digital shoppers. The concept offers interactive games and exciting activities while shoppers make purchases.

Recently, Lazada announced that it is adding “shoppertainment” to its CX strategy.

E-commerce is transforming, as we know it. Both buyers and sellers on digital marketplaces are looking for more than just a transactional experience.

Lazada Malaysia CEO Leo Chow said that the platform is creating experiences that consumers can share with family and friends.

Chow claimed that consumers are “demanding for more entertaining, rewarding, and social forms of shopping.”

During the announcement, he underscored that the brand aims to round up everyday needs, entertainment, and business purposes all into one app.

Lazada Malaysia CMO Andrew Gnananantham concurred that “it is no longer just a shopping app.”

To stay ahead, the digital platform is pulling all stops to turbocharge the CX as consumers indulge in the shopping experience.

What does shoppertainment mean to sellers on the platform?

Lazada’s Live Work Play shoppertainment approach will create the opportunity for all e-commerce industry players to grow their reach.

Stakeholders include over 70,000 sellers, more than 40,000 brands, banks, telcos, and logistics providers.

The retailers on the e-commerce platform are one of the largest beneficiaries of the increase in traffic and engagement levels.

For Fitbit Malaysia, retailing on the technology-driven platform is a highly positive experience.

Fitbit Malaysia’s Senior Manager Kanesan Rangam shared with Tech Wire Asia the direct impact of Lazada campaigns on the business.

“Whenever there’s [an ongoing campaign], we see the revenue spike,” he reviewed the sale of wearable technology devices on the platform.

Not only is the e-commerce platform delivering goods that are added to cart but also unparalleled shopping experiences to consumers.

Rangam furthered that CX feedback has also been encouraging from buyers, hence the improved sales figures.

The online marketplace aims to have more than 100,000 sellers on board in the coming years.

Lazada began as an online shop in 2012 selling electronic appliances online with free delivery nationwide and cash-on-delivery payment option.

Fast-forward seven years on, Lazada is now the leading commerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia covering six markets in total.

It is now the top online selling destination in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Lazada is proving to navigate around the use of enterprise technology rather purposefully, empowering retail businesses to scale greater heights.

As Alibaba Co-founder Chairman Jack Ma puts it, “successful companies of the future will derive profitability from technology rather than market scale.”

A forward-thinking platform will win the market via innovations rather than sheer big marketing budgets.

In short, the use of technology is meant to enable greater growth and innovation and Lazada seems to be doing just that.