Nightclubs can now be taken to the virtual space. Source: Shutterstock.

Nightclubs can now be taken to the virtual space. Source: Shutterstock.

Shoppertainment – the innovative secret to e-commerce success right now?

Chinese e-commerce company is partnering with Taihe Music Group and various international liquor brands to bring the feel of a night club to patrons online.

The campaign aims to simulate the physical clubbing experience, complete with music and, of course, liquor sales.

Some of the major brands involved are Budweiser, Rémy Martin, Carlsberg and Pernod Ricard, all of which had enjoyed a boost in sales – one session could increase sales of imported liquor by up to 70 percent, and up to 40 percent for beers.

Every week, musicians and DJs from Taihe will be invited to hold a three-hour long live show on JD’s live platform. As they play music, they would introduce liquor products that viewers can buy with a single click – just as in a real nightclub.

In retail recently, a lot of the focus has been on how brands can tap into experiences and interactivity to revitalize physical sales, against a competitive e-commerce market. However, with the current outbreak forcing people in-doors, the time is right for experimentation with innovative online experiences.

Dubbed ‘shoppertainment‘, these types of experiences can help consumers virtually escape the confines of their homes for a brief spell, while also help innovative brands (particularly those that otherwise might take a real hit right now) keep engaged with their target audience.

Given its popularity, JD says similar programs are already in the pipeline.

Surviving in the retail space has already gone past the point of just migrating online. The e-commerce market is already saturated as it is, and consumers are definitely not lacking content, mounts of it are being fed to them via social media.

What they are lacking is an experience, which used to be offered by brick and mortar stores. The heart of a consumer belongs to brands that are able to weave content and commerce together into a seamless, engaging and ‘feel-good’ experience.

‘Shoppertainment’ does just that – it meets the viewers where they are, and allow brands to connect with them through more meaningful interactions.

Alibaba-owned Lazada is a good example of how Shoppertainment can be leveraged. One of the biggest e-commerce sites in the region, the company thrives on its in-app live streaming, gamification, and ‘See Now, Buy Now” technology to drive sales.

The company credits most of its success to its in-app live streaming, noting that it offers convenience to shoppers who can communicate and transact anywhere, especially on the go.

Lazada also used its in-app live streaming as a marketing tool – last year, it hosted a massive music concert in its app simultaneously across six markets in APAC as part of its 7th birthday celebration.

Consumers today are always hungry for more – the latest content, the coolest experience, the best gadgets – but, right now, those consumers are shut in doors, and they’re looking for new distractions.

Brands that are true innovators will see this as a real opportunity to leverage exciting and engaging virtual experiences that keep customers engaged and entertained, keep their brands at the forefront of the customer’s mind, and keep business not just ticking over, but booming.