Instead of spelling it out for the audience what a certain product can do, she shows it in the video. Source: Dish by Ili

Instead of spelling it out for the audience what a certain product can do, she shows it in the video. Source: Dish by Ili

What influencers can teach brands about video marketing

HUMANS are intrinsically more responsive to visual communication.

That is because it takes less time and effort to process the same amount of information from a video as compared to images and text.

To top it, marketers will engage with influencers to create brand videos that add value to their campaigns.

In other words, influencers can accelerate the penetration of brands to a specific target market as they are already connected.

In an exclusive interview with Tech Wire Asia, Malaysian cook and food influencer Ili Sulaiman shares three key tips for brands looking to create videos that work.

Tip # 1: Understand the audience base

Creating compelling brand videos requires thorough market research and understanding of the audience base.

Be it from data analytics or constant engagement, the insights are priceless. Influencers are a brands’ best bet when it comes to gathering such insights.

Besides looking at the raw data from user engagement, analyzing basic interactions can help understand the audience base too.

“I spend time a lot of time talking to my followers and responding to them. So I understand what they need and want.”

With the insight, influencers can position brand messages in a way that will not only showcase the products and services but also ignite curiosity amongst viewers.

Tip # 2: Learn the art and value of subtlety

Unlike TV commercials, influencers usually take a soft approach when it comes to marketing a product.

Modern consumerism isn’t as straightforward on digital platforms. Instead of direct mentions or obvious product placements, brand videos are best when subtle.

Instead of spelling it out for the audience what a certain product can do, show it all in the video. After all, actions speak louder than words.

For instance, instead of revealing the brand of a non-stick pan right away, Sulaiman shows off the super crisp skin as she flips the fish over onto the other side.

“Spark curiosity in the minds of the audience,” she explained when talking about subtlety. It builds subconscious links that aid brand recall and enhance brand value.

What brands really pay for in an influencer marketing campaign is the know-how of their buyer personas.

This is so that the video content can be constructed to suit the target market to yield the best results.

Tip # 3: Know which platform will work for your brand

Besides understanding the audience, brands need to also keep up with the constantly evolving platforms that are available.

The digital landscape is always changing. So, brands and influencers need to constantly be up-to-date on tactics to stretch their marketing dollars.

A team with strong digital skills will know how to leverage different platforms for the highest engagement.

For example, Instagram stories have a shelf life of 24 hours, and therefore, are only suitable for campaigns that need an immediate response.

On the other hand, YouTube works best for campaigns with longer life — especially things that could benefit from being cataloged for the future (like how to videos and reviews).

Brands and influencers alike need to be clear about the limitations of the platforms that the campaign will run on so that expectations and deliverables can be better managed.