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(Source – Mastercard)

Mastercard launches APAC data and services hub in Malaysia

  • The Mastercard Data and Services Hub will enable businesses and governments across Asia Pacific with advanced capabilities in areas such as cybersecurity, digital transformation, and credit risk.
  • The Hub will also provide career opportunities and upskilling for emerging talent and graduates in Malaysia and across the region.

Data and services in the global financial industry continue to face numerous challenges, especially in cybersecurity and credit risk. The need to digitally transform products and services in the financial industry also requires constant support.

For Mastercard, there is a growing need to ensure they can deliver and meet the requirements of their customers, wherever they may be. Currently, Mastercard’s data and services experts globally work with nearly 4,000 clients in over 120 countries, drawing on the company’s extensive expertise, data, and technology.

To ensure this, Mastercard has set up data and services hubs around the world as knowledge centers dedicated to ensuring customers can get access to resources for solutions needed to cover everything from hyper-personalized loyalty programs to product prototyping, to end-to-end marketing solutions that span the customer journey.

In Malaysia, Mastercard has officially opened its new office and launched its Data and Services Hub in Kuala Lumpur. The hub will serve clients across the Asia Pacific region with a suite of offerings beyond transactions. The hub will also nurture a talent pipeline across a range of capabilities focusing on data science, product development and payments consulting.

The hub in Kuala Lumpur will also support the organization in the provision of solutions to partners in the areas of cybersecurity, credit risk, and data analytics to help local clients and those across the region scale and enable their business potential.

According to Ari Sarker, President, of Asia Pacific at Mastercard, the company is passionate about offering next-generation services and value to customers – from retail and commerce, financial and non-financial institutions to governments – empowering them to solve business problems from end-to-end.

“APAC is a powerhouse of economic growth, and we’re seeing many of the emerging markets across the region leapfrog some of the more conventional steps towards digitalization. This kind of rapid change demands dedicated expertise—the type of which will be offered by Mastercard’s newest Data and Services Hub in Kuala Lumpur, which will support the organization in servicing clients from Southeast Asia to China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand,” said Sarker.

For Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Communications and Digital in Malaysia, who officiated the opening of the hub, the launch of Mastercard’s Data and Services Hub in Kuala Lumpur is a very good opportunity for the country to become a more integral part of the region’s digital landscape, while helping to strengthen local talent pool in this increasingly important part of the digital economy.

The launch also reflects Mastercard’s commitment to bringing global expertise and innovation to the APAC region as well as nurturing homegrown talent to thrive in the digital economy. The new hub will become part of a growing global team that includes thousands of data scientists, engineers and consultants, and will support businesses and governments in Malaysia and APAC to make more data-driven decisions and optimize performance and profitability.