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Tencent Cloud EdgeOne to provide integrated security protection and network performance services

For most organizations today, the availability of a unified platform that can integrate various security and network solutions is ideally desired. While businesses continue to invest in different tech solutions, the complexities of integrating a variety of solutions have always been a challenge.

Today, enterprises are moving more towards new edge computing scenarios and applications. The main reason for this is to cater to the growing demands of consumers as well as stay ahead of the competition in the industry, especially with the demands of the network becoming increasingly sophisticated, requiring a robust security posture.

As such, Tencent Cloud has announced Tencent Cloud EdgeOne, an upgraded one-stop platform that integrates Tencent’s experience in network performance and security with high efficiency and stability for global enterprises.

The platform follows the launch of Tencent Cloud’s RT-ONE network in 2021, which was aimed to build a foundation of the most comprehensive audio and video communication network in order to meet market needs. To further enhance corporate customers’ cyber-security, Tencent Cloud has applied its security technology to the RT-ONE network by introducing an upgraded, highly integrated one-stop platform. The new platform offers cutting-edge security capabilities, creating integrated services to fulfill businesses’ requirements on network speed and security features.

Tencent Cloud EdgeOne leverages Tencent Cloud’s over 2,800 global acceleration nodes across more than 70 countries and regions. It also allows users to enjoy high-quality network performance without compromising their security. Some of the other features include the following advantages:

  • Moves the services to the edge nodes closer to end-users and provides layer-3 (Network), layer-4 (Transport), layer-7 (Application) protection as well as acceleration services to the global market. It also highlights a unified dashboard that greatly reduces the configuration workload and saves time for customers.
  • Provides a set of dedicated interconnections to accelerate traffic between Tencent Cloud EdgeOne and Origin Server. Additionally, it integrates the domain name system (DNS), which ensures stable and high-performance DNS resolution, and greatly reduces the latency for static and dynamic data.
  • Integrates security features and technologies based on Tencent’s experience in security for over two decades, including but not limited to DDoS protection (Anti-DDoS), web protection (Web Application Firewall), bot management and behavior analysis (Tencent Cloud bot program management), and adaptive rate-limiting, among others. It deploys security functions on edge nodes closer to users, detecting and mitigating malicious requests before they hit application services.

According to Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, with the emergence of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchain, Web3, and IoT, the digital transformation of enterprises is now considered to be essential.

“Relying on Tencent’s own security business operation experience of serving 1 billion users, we are excited to see how Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides users an unprecedented, high-quality, and highly reliable network experience as they safeguard their security at the same time,” said Yeung.

For Tommy Li, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne can be summarized by an acronym using one word: ACROSS. It stands for Advanced technology; exclusive Connectivity; Real-time service; Optimization of data; Smart application; and Security protection. Enterprises that are adapting to the growing digitalization trend are experiencing common problems such as network latency, congestion, and security threats.

“By applying our sophisticated security technology to our RT-ONE™ network, the new platform Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides lower latency and built-in security features with outstanding performance, giving businesses and organizations reliable services to address their concerns,” commented Li.

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Applying Tencent Cloud EdgeOne to various industries

Among the enterprises and industries that can make the most of Tencent Cloud Edge One include global businesses, ranging from commerce, retail, financial service, content, and news to the gaming, media, audio, and video sector.

One of the integrated solution’s recent major clients is a popular online video-on-demand platform in China, which addressed its issues including degraded user experience, malicious SEO, bot cheating/scamming, and content piracy with Tencent Cloud EdgeOne. The platform successfully reduced the video’s loading time by 40 percent, and resource response delay by 50 percent.

When it comes to cybersecurity, especially in the e-commerce industry, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne can successfully defend against Challenge Collapsar (CC) attacks with peak traffic of over 9 million QPS (queries per second).

Apart from that, during a new game release by one of the world’s biggest game publishers, security and network capabilities were put to the test when it attracted more than one million users. Tencent Cloud EdgeOne adopted a distributed strategy of preloading and provided DDoS attack protection, web protection, rate limiting, and robot behavior interception capabilities, ultimately helping the new game to achieve 100% success in downloads with zero business interruption.

Eric Cheng, General Manager of Tencent Security pointed out that with the launch of Tencent Cloud EdgeOne, “we now have a unified, fast, reliable, and secure platform that can detect and defend against attacks earlier, mitigating malicious traffic right on edges before they reach our data center.”

Baal Feng, General Manager of Global DevOps at Tencent Games, highlighted that the global gaming market enjoys enormous potential, and is expanding rapidly. As more opportunities arise, so do the challenges, such as addressing the extremely high demands for download speed and latency. Feng added that network quality determines the download speed and user experience, and Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides an integrated service that ensures these demands are met, without compromising security.

With the rapid development of the global digital economy, digital innovation and transformation have expanded from the internet to traditional industries and have fully blossomed in the development and investment of cross-border e-commerce, games, and other independent applications.

Meanwhile, the high requirements for business performance and security protection are significant factors for the digital transformation of enterprises. Tencent Cloud aims to continue exporting high-level security capabilities, providing global partners with safe, stable, extremely fast, and professional edge-integrated security services, and reliably assisting enterprises in their digital journey.