Gogoro announce partnership for electric two-wheeled vehicles and battery swapping in Singapore.

Source – Gogoro

Validating battery swapping as the next-generation smart mobility in Singapore

  • With its battery-as-a-service platform, Gogoro is allowing new business models that permit fleets of vehicles to adopt sustainable transportation that is safe, reliable, scalable, and always available
  • The Gogoro Sandbox supports Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 and its objective of using only sustainable sources for all of its transportation and energy needs

Modern times have seen a rise in the popularity of electric vehicles, particularly as their applications for commercial vehicles grow. The methods to make electric vehicles more accessible, convenient to charge, and cost-effective to run are being developed by numerous industry makers and solution providers. Battery swapping is one such solution that offers fleet operators all these advantages.

As the name implies, battery swapping technology is a technique that enables a user to change a battery to keep a car functioning. One of the best options for balancing energy demand and supply is provided by this technology.

The global market for switching out EV batteries was worth $76.7 million in 2020, according to Inc42. By 2028, it’s projected to be valued at $4.96 billion. China currently rules this industry. Up to 2021, there were over 690 battery swapping stations established across the nation, and by 2025, about 26,000 stations are expected to be operational.

It’s encouraging to see how quickly other countries in Asia are embracing this approach. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore has awarded Gogoro Inc., a global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities, a sandbox pilot to deploy and validate battery swapping as a method for next-generation smart mobility.

Gogoro has partnered with Jardine Cycle & Carriage, a diversified group with market-leading enterprises in Southeast Asia, to launch its sandbox test. Cycle & Carriage, a division of Jardine Cycle & Carriage, will operate and construct Gogoro’s battery swapping infrastructure in Singapore as well as serve as the city-sole state’s distributor of the company’s electric scooters.

Why does Singapore need battery swapping?

According to Gogoro’s founder, chairman, and CEO Horace Luke, businesses, as well as consumers, are in dire need of sustainable mobility options in cities. For urban fleets, Gogoro battery swapping offers a viable solution that is always available, safe, reliable, scalable, and environmentally friendly. He also stated how nearly all of Taiwan’s electric deliveries and more than 25% of all quick commerce deliveries, such as food and online transactions, are made possible by Gogoro’s battery swapping.

“We are partnering with Jardine Cycle & Carriage Group to introduce this new sustainable business model for food delivery and logistics fleets in Singapore today and in other cities across the region in the future,” added Luke.

Meanwhile, JC&C is eager to work with Gogoro to introduce an innovative electric two-wheeler solution in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, according to the company’s Managing Director for Direct Motor Interests, Wilfried Foo.

“We are confident that we are well-placed to accelerate the implementation of Gogoro’s best-in-class battery swapping solution by deploying our existing infrastructure to operate the GoStation network in Singapore. Together with Gogoro, we are looking for partners in the delivery or logistics space that are interested in harnessing this potential and benefitting from this platform with us,” explained Foo.

Gogoro Smartscooters, Gogoro GoStation battery switch stations, and Gogoro smart batteries will all be part of the soon-to-launch Gogoro battery swapping sandbox trial. Gogoro’s battery swapping network and vehicle fleet in Singapore will be managed by Cycle & Carriage. Additionally, Cycle & Carriage will look at collaborating with various food delivery and logistical fleets across the nation. The Gogoro sandbox supports Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 and its goal of converting all of its energy and transportation to sustainable sources.

“Gogoro is honored to be given approval by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) to operate a sandbox to validate Gogoro battery swapping as a smart mobility refueling solution for the future, and we applaud the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and its proactive commitment to sustainable energy and transportation,” said Luke.