Instagram has 700 million active monthly users source:

Enhance your Instagram reach through AI-powered performance prediction

ARTIFICIAL intelligence is being established in many industries – including marketing – and is even helping companies make the most of their Instagram presence.

Socialbakers, a global social media analytics company, is offering a software-as-a-service platform, having launched an AI-powered performance prediction and optimization tool for Instagram campaigns.

The tool allows marketers to utilize AI and machine learning to augment their investments and maximize the outcome of a campaign.

“AI can give really in-depth insights into our customers, we can laser-target customers based on this data. This helps not only us but also the customer,” Sam Benjamin, social media executive at the creative media agency Crowd, told Tech Wire Asia.

“They will see ads that are related to what they want, and have pricing pushed to them that they can afford.”

A recent study by Socialbakers showed recognizable brands can harvest three times more engagement on Instagram than on other social media platforms. With 700 million active monthly users, 1.6 billion daily likes and 20 billion shared photos, it is easy to see the social media platform’s appeal to marketers.

Two million marketers are using Instagram as a campaign host. That underlines the platform’s effectiveness but can make it increasingly difficult to stand out.

Although media professionals have a strong idea of what works and what doesn’t, choosing which Instagram posts to invest in and promote can still be risky and lead to unwise budget choices. However, through artificially intelligent tools, such as machine learning solutions, marketers can make informed decisions.

“AI has huge potential and as the tech improves it will allow agencies like Crowd to get detailed insight from customers as to what marketing campaigns work, and which do not,” added Benjamin.

So how will AI help marketing strategies?

Socialbakers’ tool uses AI to provide key insights of what campaigns are doing. Through performance prediction, marketers will be able to identify and monitor their top-performing content, see the predicted interactions and each post will get actionable recommendations.

Another key benefit of the tool lets marketers learn how competitors are investing their advertising budgets on the platform. Alongside this attribute, the tool also provides content inspiration as it gives marketers access to the industry’s largest social media dataset.

Providing engaging, transparent and targeted content is a proven way to increase brand revenue. Knowing how to use Instagram in the most beneficial way can be challenging, but AI-powered tools are being developed for your benefit, so do not be afraid to integrate them into your marketing strategy.

“Publishing and promoting content on Instagram without knowing how it’s resonating with your target audience means you can easily invest in the wrong content. Socialbakers is providing marketers with smart, data-driven recommendations to help them maximize their business impact on Instagram,” said Socialbakers CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak.