SEMICON Southeast Asia returns to Penang for the third time

SEMICON Southeast Asia returns to Penang for the third timeSource: SEMICON

SEMICON Southeast Asia returns to Penang for the third time

  • The 28th edition of SEMICON SEA will take place on the island of Malaysia, from May 23 to 25, with the theme ‘boosting agility and resiliency of the electronics supply chain in Southeast Asia.’
  • SEMICON SEA 2022 garnered a record attendance of close to 14,000 delegates, and President Linda Tan believes the same, if not more, is expected this year.

When Southeast Asia (SEA) region’s premier event for the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, SEMICON SEA, took place last year, it was amidst the global semiconductor conundrum. A lot has progressed since then, and the world is undoubtedly better positioned today to deal with excess or shortage of chip supplies. 

One fact remains the same: the significance of the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain to economies worldwide. In fact, the size and value of semiconductors today indicate their role in international products and operations or the economy in general. 

That being said, after a resounding success last year, SEMICON SEA will return to Penang again this year. “Last year, SEMICON SEA 2022 garnered a record attendance of close to 14,000 delegates,” SEMICON SEA 2023 president Linda Tan said in a statement.

Tan reckons that the volume of attendance demonstrates that industry participants recognize the need to connect, collaborate and innovate to grow and compete. “Thus, we are confident that the event this year will garner similar, if not more, attendance,” she added.

Tan also shared some megatrends that include automation, the growth of artificial intelligence, and soaring demand for electric vehicles, has continued to drive the dynamic semiconductor industry in the region.

“In Malaysia, Penang is leading the charge, with much of these technological advancements taking place in this state. Given this backdrop, we are pleased to return to Penang again and leverage the state’s solid reputation as the Silicon Valley of the East for SEMICON SEA 2023.

Additionally, Penang’s Chief Minister’s special investment adviser Lee Kah Choon highlighted how Penang is one of the most vibrant semiconductor industry destinations. This year’s theme speaks for the state’s focus.

“Having over 50 years of industrial excellence, agility, and resiliency are among the values that Penang strongly upholds. We constantly seize the opportunities arising from global development in a timely manner and continuously source for ways to move up the value chain to stay relevant to the industry,” he shared.

Lee also noted that Penang had demonstrated its significance in the electrical and electronics (E&E) sector by contributing between 56 and 60% of the country’s E&E exports over the past four years. “In 2022, the state reached its all-time high of RM452 billion in total exports and recorded a trade surplus of RM126 billion, representing 49% of the country’s total,” he highlighted, adding that Penang’s commendable performance over the years has made them a well-fitted location to host SEMICON SEA 2023.

What’s happening at SEMICON SEA 2023?

The 28th edition of the SEMICON SEA will be held at the Setia SPICE Arena and Convention Centre. It will welcome in-person delegates and attendees to discuss critical topics driving the industry, including sustainability, smart manufacturing, smart mobility, smart MedTech, and workforce development.

Themed ‘Boosting Agility and Resiliency of the Electronics Supply Chain in Southeast Asia,’ SEMICON SEA 2023 will also gather experts from around the world to explore ways for the electronics industry to build a more robust supply chain as it navigates the current economic downturn and ongoing disruptions.

It is also learned that the SEMICON SEA 2023 would feature highlights such as the ‘CxO Summit’ on boosting agility and resiliency of the electronics supply chain in Southeast Asia, a roundtable discussion on investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, a forum on various economic issues such as market and industry trends, career fair and talks, and many others.

There will also be the launch of SEMI University, an online learning management system comprising courses targeted toward semiconductor and electronics industry professionals. 

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