Lenovo Chairman and CEO, Yuanqing Yang at Tech World

Source – Lenovo

Lenovo lights up the “Tech World” with smarter innovations

  • Lenovo shared its vision for the progression of collaboration to unlock limitless potential, with tech innovations in both real-world applications and the metaverse
  • The device maker unveiled new products, including the first public demonstration of rollable proof of concepts for smartphones and laptop computers

Tech innovations bring all sorts of benefits. They can help boost productivity and provide people with new, high-quality products and services that raise their general standard of living.

Technology has advanced throughout the past ten years, beginning with revolutionary concepts and ending with humans coming up with innovative ways to turn those ideas into reality. Examples of this include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and so on.

Lenovo “smartified” the tech world

At its recent Tech World event, Lenovo shared its vision for the progression of collaboration across users, locations, and devices to unlock limitless potential in both real-world applications and the metaverse. The way people work, learn, and interact with the digital world will be defined by the new ideas, approaches, and upcoming technologies that Lenovo highlighted, according to the company.

In order to address one of humanity’s biggest challenges, the company also revealed its vision for net-zero emissions, which they have been working to refine with collaborative tech innovations.

“At Lenovo, we believe in technology. We are doubling our investment in innovation,” said Lenovo Chairman and CEO, Yuanqing Yang at Tech World. “In a fast-changing world, our commitment remains unchanged, [and that is] to make lives better, work more productive, and our planet more sustainable. And this has to be done through new IT with the client, edge, cloud, network, and the intelligence working together to deliver the promise of technology.”

According to Yang, technology is transforming the workplace and home of the future into a fusion of the virtual and physical worlds, made possible by the power of new IT infrastructure that is pervasive, expected, and on demand. All industries are becoming digitalized and “smartified” through innovation, which is also helping in finding solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges.

At Tech World, Lenovo unveiled new products, including the first public demonstration of rollable proof of concepts for smartphones and laptop computers. By incorporating computing onto rollable screens, consumer pain points are addressed, and productivity in hybrid working environments is increased. This combines productivity, entertainment, and connectivity on a dynamic, adjustable, and larger screen, but on a smaller device form factor.

In addition, Yang unveiled Cyber Spaces, a captivating interactive and physical holographic solution for collaborative and immersive telepresence communication. In response to the ongoing data explosion, Lenovo also demonstrated how its innovations, backed by AI and edge computing, are enabling quicker data processing at its source, altering city streets, precision medicine, and retail marketplaces.

Tech innovations leading to the metaverse

The metaverse will open up a brand-new era of highly personalized, immersive digital experiences that mix the real world with the virtual one and inspire innovative new business use cases.

Lenovo’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Yong Rui, spoke on the company’s plans to create metaverse tech solutions to facilitate intelligent transformation. He emphasized how Lenovo’s core technology and breakthroughs spanning devices, servers, software, and solutions will connect the virtual and physical worlds.

“On the device side, we have the industry-leading ThinkReality AR/VR devices. On the infrastructure side, we offer world-class Edge servers like the ThinkEdge SE450. On the software stack, we offer stAR-Studio for Metaverse editing and stAR-Scan for Metaverse space construction,” commented Rui. “On the solution side, we develop end-to-end solutions tailored for vertical industries. Moving forward, Lenovo is willing to build an open metaverse ecosystem, along with like-minded industry partners.”

Lenovo also made several other key announcements. They include the Lenovo Freestyle app that provides easy pairing and transformation of a tablet into a portable second screen to expand desktop space or a wireless touchscreen for a laptop, enabling universal control and collaboration between a tablet and PC.

There is also the Ready For Platform feature, which is available on Motorola Edge smartphones, extending smartphone functionality to larger screens and enabling mobile desktop experiences, console-like gaming, multimedia streaming, and video conversations.

To cater to the future of work, Lenovo unveiled its Remote Work Enablement solution, which enables remote workers to easily set up and provides hardware, software, and premium services directly to employees. The company also demonstrated its Smart Services product, which anticipates repair needs and streamlines the network of parts, service engineers, and logistical support.

For the education sector, Lenovo highlighted how their Virtual Classroom solution gives students access to virtual teachers who can give them individualized tests and recommendations.

From immersive audio/video communication to collaboration in a virtual real, overlaid environment to brainstorming in a virtual reality space, Lenovo is establishing a new experience that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real.

But it wasn’t just new products that were unveiled at Lenovo Tech World. Ken Wong, Executive Vice President and President of Lenovo’s Solutions & Services Group, discussed how the role of a CIO has expanded as the world digitizes. Ken also highlighted the value of industrial metaverse solutions, the importance of digital workspace solutions and how optimizing track management for engineers can improve infrastructure such as public transportation, in real time.

In the journey towards a sustainable future, Executive Director of Lenovo’s Global Sustainability Services, Claudia Contreras, points out that Lenovo’s services can help customers work toward their own sustainability goals, no matter where they are in their journey.

In addition to sustainable product innovations, Laura Quatela, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Lenovo shared sustainable improvements Lenovo is making to lead the way in low-emissions manufacturing, as well as Lenovo’s intentions to share and report its progress for a credible, collaborative approach to emissions reduction. These sustainability efforts were bolstered by Yang’s closing announcement of Lenovo’s commitment to a vision for net-zero by 2050.