Renault Sport Megane R.S car model in a showroom. Source: Shutterstock

Customers can now buy car ‘subscriptions’ online

The e-commerce sector remains lucrative to those with the ability to thrive in a highly-competitive market.

Leading retailers and service providers across Southeast Asia have managed to seize countless market opportunities from expanding their sales operations online. Businesses can expand revenue prospects, scale up operations across the region, establish a stronger brand presence, and win customers through an enhanced shopping experience.

E-commerce has changed the rules for retailers, and now traditional retailers can explore models pioneered by digital natives.

With a focus on Renault vehicles, for instance, TC Euro Cars’ (TCEC) e-store is set to offer customers the ability to buy and subscribe to its car online. On the store’s official Malaysian website, customers can begin the process of owning a car through the ‘Buy a Renault’ and ‘Subscription’ options.

A first in Malaysia, customers looking to buy Renault models can now embark on an end-to-end digital journey from setting a test drive appointment or vehicle browsing to product delivery.

The chairman of TCEC said, “We are proud to be an e-commerce first automotive brand. With the new Renault E-Store and more new offerings to come, we believe that we are leading the charge in digitalizing the customer journey and at the same time disrupting the industry.”

The process would also involve paying a booking fee, issuing bank loan applications, and submitting relevant documents and trade-in valuations. After that, customers can decide whether to pick up their new car from nearby showrooms or have it delivered for a fee.

In the meantime, customers can also book for a three-hour test drive session without a salesperson present, but this only limited to Renault’s Captur models.

Additionally, Renault’s e-store is also offering customers the ability to manage their Switch Plan subscription account online. Customers can make changes based on their needs and request to switch vehicles at their convenience.

In Southeast Asia, with over 150 million active consumers — and counting — the e-commerce marketplace is steadily positioning itself at the heart of the region’s digital economy.

Like Renault, it is expected that automobile companies will soon be actively launching similar or more advanced projects in order to gain a competitive edge over their peers, offering more flexible, value-enhancing experiences to growing customer-bases.